Introducing PORTABLE rotary shouldered connection re-facing

with patent pending beveling technology

About Our Technology

DCP's portable precision mechanical hydraulic lathe refaces and rebevels rotary shouldered connections on site.
This is the world's only portable machine capable of servicing the smallest Rotary Shouldered Connections from NC26 (23/8 IF) or 23/8 regular up to one of the largest, 75/8 regular connections.

This design offers precision seal face flatness, and beveling capabilities to the thousands of an inch. This complies with API, TH Hill DS-1(TM) and NS2(TM) specifications, and also includes OIL and GAS companys' individual Tubular Inspection standards.
We make this possible at drilling locations (on land or offshore), at customers service facilities, at inspection company shops and pipe storage areas.

All oilfield service companies and oil and gas companies are required to have their tubular inventory inspected on a regular basis and are faced with the task of getting their tubulars repaired. Data reveals that 75% of all non magnetic tubular connections require repair after use and inspection, and that 55% have superficial, rejectable damage that can be repaired and conform to Inspection standards at the location of inspection.

Please review the benefits earned by inspection companies, oilfield directional drilling and MWD companies, tubular and fishing tool rental companies, and OIL and Gas companies through the use of DCPs' re-facing, re-beveling technology.

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