Benefits of the PORTABLE rotary shouldered connection re-facing lathe

Oil and gas companies across the globe are required adhere to strict standards and to undergo mandatory inspection of all drilling tubulars.
Our DCP portable refacing lathe, with provisional patented beveling technology, makes this easier, more efficient, and more affordable.

DCP's refacing and rebeveling technology Benefits:

  • Increase revenue for inspection companies by providing a repair service
  • Differentiate your inspection company and create a competitive advantage
  • Large savings in repair costs for oil & gas and service companies in the industry
  • Eliminate high transportation costs
  • Reduce material loss
  • Extend the life of expensive inventory and non magnetic tubulars
  • Save field production time by repairing on location immediately after inspection is complete
  • Reface and re-bevel connections in minutes instead of hours, days or weeks
  • Complete training will be provided by our fully qualified technicians
  • Marketing training provided, will assist in the presentation of the technology to oil & gas and service companies
  • Clients will also have the option to select a model based on to their individual requirements including all offshore/inland drilling environments worldwide in any geographic location

Refacing damaged tubulars in the field, has been a longstanding issue for the drilling industry. This has been especially true in "deep water, offshore","remote land" and "directional drilling" environments.
The advent of DCP makes possible the achieving of the close tolerances and critical specifications required to meet high modern inspection standards.
Old refacing methods (sand paper type and old lathe type re-facers) were prone to improper beveling, which shortened connection life. They also, were often incapable of refacing large connections to the required bevels and specifications.

Using DCP technology, will greatly reduce the maintenance costs of your tubular inventory or of the inventories of your oil and gas clients.